Bike ride through germany

Aug 1, 2022
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At the end 2021 I had the idea to visit my sister with my bicycle in Ingolstadt (south germany). Then I justed booked the train return trip and from then on I was commited. I had no idea how it’s gonna be.

In July 2022 I just started the adventure of 654 kilometers in 5 days.

The recorded route




Bicycle road map

A bike navigation sign

Field near Meckenheim

Field near meckenheim

Arrive Rhein

Arrive at the rhein


Stop in koblenz

Near Boppard

Stop near boppard

Near St. Goar

Stop near st goar


Stop in roettingen

Near Diebach

Stop near diebach

Proof that I drove :)

Photo of me during ride

Finish line

Finish line Ingolstadt

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