EF: Show entity information in Entity Framework Core

Sep 1, 2022
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The DbContext offers some possibilities to inspect the state of entities.

Information about single entity

  • Entity: The data object ActionTemplate
  • State: Detached, Unchanged, Modified, …
  • DebugView: In a long or short version. Information about the entity datastructure and state

Information about multiple tracked entities


Offers a view of tracked entities. There exists a short- and long-view.

Example of a long-view:

ActionTemplate {ActionTemplateId: 28829787-9f97-4797-becb-e9106c29f917} Unchanged
  ActionTemplateId: '28829787-9f97-4797-becb-e9106c29f917' PK
  KilometerInterval: 1000
  Name: 'BMW R1100S'
  VehicleId: '293dbcf2-2b8b-433d-be69-657585abfe11' FK
Vehicle {VehicleId: 293dbcf2-2b8b-433d-be69-657585abfe11} Unchanged
  VehicleId: '293dbcf2-2b8b-433d-be69-657585abfe11' PK
  Kilometer: 39000
  Name: 'BMW R1100S'
  ActionTemplates: [{ActionTemplateId: 28829787-9f97-4797-becb-e9106c29f917}]
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