Georg Braun
software development

SvelteKit Blog: Store images in the same folder as markdown files

written: 1/10/2022

I had a running blog solution. Markdown files were processed and served as routes.

But there was one thing I didn`t like. In markdown referenced images had to be located in the static folder. I want to have all blog-related stuff in one place so that I just can copy it to other places and don´t have to search.

The task was to find out how I can store the images in the same folder as the markdown files and additionally serve them in the blog.

I did some research and the best working solution was to copy the images from the markdown folder to the build folder at build time.

To accomplish this I added the plugin “rollup-plugin-copy”:

const config = {
	kit: {
		vite: () => ({
			plugins: [
					// copy images from the markdown posts folder to the static folder during build time
					// advantage: images can reside with the markdown files
					targets: [{ src: 'src/routes/blog/images', dest: 'static/blog' }]

So it is possible to create and modify the blog posts in an isolated folder and I didn’t need some weird image-folder-references. I could just copy the folder to another “markdown-to-html” blog.

		/blog (contains all post relevant data)
		/images (copy of the routes/blog/images folder)

With every npm run build the images are copied.

To avoid a duplication of the images in the repository I added the copy-destination folder to .gitignore.