SvelteKit Blog: Store images in the same folder as markdown files

Jan 10, 2022
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Notice. This was written pre SvelteKit 1.0.0. With the release of SvelteKit 1.0.0 some things changed. Especially the folder and routing structure. The solution in this blog post isn’t compatible with version 1.0.0.

I had a running blog solution. Markdown files were processed and served as routes.

But there was one thing I didn`t like. In markdown referenced images had to be located in the static folder. I want to have all blog-related stuff in one place so that I just can copy it to other places and don´t have to search.

The task was to find out how I can store the images in the same folder as the markdown files and additionally serve them in the blog.

I did some research and the best working solution was to copy the images from the markdown folder to the build folder at build time.

To accomplish this I added the plugin “rollup-plugin-copy”:

const config = {
	kit: {
		vite: () => ({
			plugins: [
					// copy images from the markdown posts folder to the static folder during build time
					// advantage: images can reside with the markdown files
					targets: [{ src: 'src/routes/blog/images', dest: 'static/blog' }]

So it is possible to create and modify the blog posts in an isolated folder and I didn’t need some weird image-folder-references. I could just copy the folder to another “markdown-to-html” blog.

		/blog (contains all post relevant data)
		/images (copy of the routes/blog/images folder)

With every npm run build the images are copied.

To avoid a duplication of the images in the repository I added the copy-destination folder to .gitignore.

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