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SvelteKit Blog: Generate post links at build time

written: 1/13/2022

My blog posts are markdown files that get transformed to html files by using mdsvex.

After I set up this processing I thought: But how can I create the links to the posts on my index page?

The first attempt was to import some file-system packages and try to scan the folder with the markdown files. But that wasn’t possible.

Using vite import

But then I found the solution in this blog post.

By using the vite glob import it was possible to get the markdown files during build time

function getMarkdownFiles() {
    return import.meta.globEager(`../routes/blog/**/*.md`);

The result had the following structure:

    "../routes/blog/": {
        default: {},
        metadata: {
            date: "2022-01-08T00:00:00.000Z",
            title: "Add frontmatter data to posts in SvelteKit"
    "../routes/blog/": {}

You can see the object contains all the necessary information. Awesome. I just had to extract the relevant information. If you want to know more about this you can check this file.

The result:

        route: "/blog/add-frontmatter-to-blog-post",
        metadata: {
            title: "Add frontmatter data to posts in SvelteKit", 
            date: "2022-01-08T00:00:00.000Z" 

But where do I invoke this?

Components in SvelteKit can have a load function (placed in a <script context="module"> block). This function executes before the component is created.

The function returns an object that contains a props property. The value of this property is passed to the component.

Now we can access the log posts information in the component and create links to posts.

// execute before the component is initialized
<script context="module">
	import { getLatestFivePostsDescByDate } from '../blog/markdownFilesToPosts';
	export async function load() {
		const postsByDescDate = getLatestFivePostsDescByDate();
		// pass the post data as props to the component
		return { props: { posts: postsByDescDate } };

	// posts are injected by the load function
	export let posts;

<h1>recent posts</h1>
    {#each posts as post}
            <a href={post.route}>