Georg Braun
software development

SvelteKit Blog: Use markdown files as routes in SvelteKit

written: 1/7/2022

The mission

I started to create my website with SvelteKit. One requirement was to be able to write my blog posts in markdown. SvelteKit uses a file-based routing system and the *.svelte files within the route directory are published as routes.


But I needed a way to transform my markdown files to valid “route files”. The solution was surprisingly easy.

The solution

I just needed to add the MDsveX preprocessor ( and tweak the svelte.config.js a little bit.

const config = {
	// also consider .md files
	extensions: ['.svelte', '.md'],

    // mdsvex should process .md files
	preprocess: [preprocess(), mdsvex({ extensions: ['.md'] })],

That`s it 🥳

baseUrl/blog/use-markdown-files-as-sveltekit-routes shows my markdown file as html page.