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SvelteKit Blog: Add a layout to markdown posts

written: 1/8/2022

The layout of my website is defined in __layout.svelte file. The placeholder for the concrete content (slot) is missing a special styling. Therefore every page is able to define a placeholder styling that meets their needs.

As described in my post “Use markdown files as routes in SvelteKit” my markdown files are transformed to routes. So they needed a styling definition too.

I just needed to create a layout svelte component and add the layout parameter to the mdsvex preprocessor in the svelte.config.js

// src/layout/blog-post.svelte
// The blog post layout definition
<div class="container mx-auto md:w-4/5">
	<slot />
// svelte.config.js
const config = {
	preprocess: [
		mdsvex( ... , layout: './src/layout/blog-post.svelte' })

In the figure you can see the usage of the different layouts. Overview of the different layouts. Blog inside blog-post layout inside overall svelte layout.